We’re Finalists For The Wyndham Art Prize!

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve made it to the finals of The Wyndham Art Prize!!! Recyklor’s piece “The Shining” has been selected to be showcased at the online exhibition on the 7th May 2020. We’ll be rubbing shoulders (digitally) with some of the Australia’s latest and greatest artists and are extremely honoured to have been considered for such a prestigious prize.

(Spot our name!^^)

Here’s a bit about our selected piece.


Extremely Humble Origins (like, more humble than you think)

(“The Shining”- Digital Photograph)


The idea for “The Shining” came about when one of our Recyklor’s (the name given to members of our collective), found two Coke can outfits tucked away in their parents’ drawers. These were worn to a costume party and hadn’t seen the light of day  until their present rediscovery.

These items were far too comical to put away without being used for a photo opportunity, so the team got together to shoot the items on the illustrious Val and Vess of Big Picture Stuff, two of Melbourne’s most sought after bloggers, and for our purposes, models.

While we weren’t 100% sure how we wanted the photos to turn out, we knew straight away that the best location to shoot them would be in surroundings that attested to the popularity of the brand (Coca Cola). Hence, the local “super marché” became our setting.

The quirky pair made an excellent Coke clad duo, breathing life into the costumes and the surroundings. We opted for a Wong Kar Wai-esque aesthetic and kept the colours desaturated to highlight the neon lights.

(Look closer. This isn’t a mirror^^)

The photographs then went on to adorn the walls at our debut exhibition in 2019 and some of the analyses we overheard regarding the pieces were pretty entertaining! Some thought it touched on the dangers of globalisation, others thought it might be a satirical homage to consumerism and of course the Stanley Kubrick film. We enjoyed all the symbolism and what the photographs had turned into philosophically, all the while smiling at the idea that it all started with someone just finding two costumes in a drawer.



If you’d like to attend the online exhibition where this photo will be exhibited, get in touch with the City of Wyndham to grab a ticket. If you’d like to purchase a print, get in touch with us via email here. We reckon it’ll make a great gift that’s sure to make recipients feel uneasy 😬.

Till next time, wish us luck!!



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