Recyklor’s Debut

If you happened to be walking past No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne’s inner city on 22 November 2019, you would have noticed a large crowd of people (and the equally large amount of noise they generated) entering into a curious event marked with bright colours, neon lights and a picture of two macaroons kissing.


It had all the makings of your typical upscale high society affair: waiters serving champagne, eccentric creative types dressed in designer, and incredibly unique stories circulating the floor. We swear we even heard one man say the iron face on his watch was steel cut from the actual Titanic.


As the jazz tunes pulsed through the white walls of the gallery space, visitors trawled through the room laughing, guffawing, and pointing at the artworks adorning the walls and floorspace.


(Exhibition footage. Photograph courtesy of @agreekable)

Many purchases were made that night. Hundreds of dollars of prints were sold, and buyers made offers for pieces that weren’t even for sale. In the end, thousands of dollars were raised.


The clincher? Most of the art was TRASH


Not trash from a subjective perspective. In this case, we define trash as discarded items, flotsam and jetsam with a one-way ticket to the landfill due to their perceived in-value. Yet here they were, flying off the walls and into the homes of keen Melburnians.

Who We Are

Recyklör is an international art collective founded in Melbourne, Australia with contributors all over the world, including South America, Europe, South East Asia and The Middle East.

(“The Floor is Lava.” Piece by Recyklör)


Recyklör’s key objective is threefold in nature. To ensure the betterment of the environment; to incite cultural change that helps those in need; and to bring joy to the world through creative ideation – all of which are executed through the power of art and innovation.


Covering the full gamut of media, from traditional to digital, Recyklör often creates content for online viewing. Yet, our delectation is in creating pieces for public installation. These pieces are often for the taking if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon one at an iconic location (such as a mixtape left at the top of Guatape’s El Peñol). We enjoy showcasing pieces against natural backdrops in a bid to inspire a deeper appreciate for the environment as well as the celebrate its inherent beauty.

(Mix tape in El Peñol, Guatape left by Recyklör)


Environmental Responsibility

A component to Recyklör’s philosophy is in helping the environment, so all artworks created by the collective incorporate recycled items. This has included advertising collateral booked for landfill disposal, second-hand items from eBay, thrift shop purchases, abandoned stationary, or unused items from contributors. The definition of ‘recycled’ is broad but must be incorporated into all the artworks in some way.


Recyklor hopes to humanise nature through art. By creating pieces with benign pop culture references that invoke human emotion, we believe we are then humanising the art in a bid to bridge the gap between mankind and nature. Once a connection is made, the viewer will see the perceived trash art as a resource for the good of the earth.


We thoroughly enjoy creating a good pop culture themed piece, but behind every artwork  of the current Recyklor collection, there is a great commission for each viewer, encouraging them to use the resources around them in a bid to embetter the planet and the communities they are a part of. A call to change the culture through the simple act of thinking about the world at large, using whatever surrounds us as inspiration.


(One of our recycled posters modelled at the climate march in 2019)


The event itself served its dual purpose of educating the public on the opportunities that can come about from recycling as well as how doing so can help communities and the world at large. The benefactor of the night’s collection was a partner charity in Medellin, Colombia, who were able to use the funds to help disenfranchised youths and the elderly in struggling communities.


Wow, that was a long blog post. This was basically meant to be an introductory publication to our site but we hope you enjoyed it all the same. Here’s a potato for your time 🥔.


Be sure to follow us on social media for updates on our work and upcoming news. Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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